Local Granite Headstones mean Lower Carbon Footprint

Why Sustainable Memorial Choices Matter


Choosing locally-sourced granite sounds like it’s a more sustainable choice for memorials simply because of cutting down on transportation efforts, but there’s a lot more to it.

At Ohio Monuments, we are committed to giving our customers the highest quality memorial products available, so we dove a little deeper in researching the differences in domestic versus foreign granite and the carbon footprint each produced. We found there is a stark difference between the way monuments in China are produced, from the way they are produced in North America.


We have very stringent environmental standards here in North America, however, Asia does not. Monument manufacturers in China do not have many methods to contain chemicals used in the manufacturing process, meaning those wastes and other debris are scattered around their facility floors, or running off into poorly graded surfaces nearby.

There's also little to no safety guidelines for workers in these facilities. Besides having little, if any safety gear, there's also reports of families working in bare feet, including children. One reporter even described seeing a teenager operating a wet saw while barefoot with a live electrical wire dangling nearby.


Other safety issues to consider is the way these headstones are manufactured. Oftentimes these foreign manufacturers add dyes and chemicals (like motor oil) to black granite to improve it’s looks. Which runs the risk of seeping into the ground once the monument is in place. “Now, your family’s headstone is leaking oil,” - one reporter had to say.

Finally, we come back to the huge transportation efforts it takes to get a large block of granite from China to the United States. Because these materials are so heavy and fragile, they require special equipment to get to a port, and then shipped across the ocean and then, potentially across several states before it reaches its final destination. Which leaves a monumental carbon footprint behind. Pun intended!


At Ohio Monuments, we offer many different verities of North American granite because we know the great quality and durability of locally sourced materials, while keeping excess emissions and energy consumption to a minimum. Not to mention the more regulated manufacturing process in North America which keeps workers safe, and happy.

At Ohio Monuments, we take great pride in the products we have to offer our customers. A monument is very meaningful to families, it honors someone's life and legacy. That's why we make certain we offer the best quality materials, while keeping people and the environment safe, and keep the carbon footprint to a minimum.

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