Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I just pick a headstone from your showroom, or can I order something custom?

A. As 5th generation memorialists, we specialize in making monument designs customized for each family that walks through our doors. You can choose options as: color, shape, size, designs, and wording. Please note: each cemetery has rules and restrictions to keep in mind when designing headstones.

Q. What process do you use to engrave a headstone?

A. We use a combination of sandblasting, hammering and chiseling, as well as diamond and laser etching on our headstones. Each process is used to achieve different desired effects that will stand the test of time.

Q. Do you clean headstones that are already placed in the cemetery?

A. Yes. We use an environmentally safe biological agent to both clean and inhibit any unwanted growth on the headstone.

Q. Can I see a proof of the design before I order a headstone?

A. Yes. We'll provide an approval drawing, and you approve any design before it's ordered.

Q. Is there any kind of warranty on the headstone?

A. Each and every stone we order comes with a lifetime warranty that covers cracking and chipping.

Q. Can I place a portrait on the headstone?

A. Yes. We can create a ceramic print of any photo to be added to a headstone. If you choose to use black granite, you are also able to diamond etch a photo into the stone.

Q. Do you engrave final dates on existing stones?

A. Yes. We have a portable sandblaster that allows to us to engrave final dates, and anything else you might wish to add to a headstone, on site. In the case of bronze markers, we are able to order final date tabs and install them on site provided a space for the tab already exists.

Q. What if I plan on being cremated?

A. We have a variety of options for cremation remains, from placing the remains in a traditional monument to interring remains in a columbarium. These options allow you to still be laid to rest in a cemetery with your loved ones and relatives, while saving you the cost of a traditional burial.

Q. How long does it take to make a headstone?

A. The average time to complete a headstone is 10-12 weeks from the date a design is approved. Custom designs typically take a bit longer to complete. Please also keep in mind that we cannot place a stone if a cement footer needs poured in the cemetery. We can assist you with ordering a footer at the time of purchase.

Q. Can I add vases for flowers to a headstone?

A. Yes. We have several different styles of flower vases for you to choose from, just ask about adding them with a new headstone purchase. We are also able to add vases to existing stones already in a cemetery.

Q. How much does a headstone cost?

A. There are three main factors that determine a headstone’s price:

  • Size and shape of the headstone.
  • Color, or type of granite.
  • Any engraving, pictures, accessories etc. that you want to add to the stone.

Click here for a range of prices for common headstone styles.