Family / Estate Memorials, Headstones and Monuments


Ohio Monuments also specializes in large estate memorials. Our experience in designing and producing large memorials is unsurpassed throughout Northwest Ohio. Our designers and craftsman will work closely with you to create a beautiful and lasting tribute for your family.

Headstones and Monuments:

We can help with an epitaph to add to your monument.

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Custom designed using brown granite, featuring bronze birds and flowers


Custom designed in gray granite with Sculpted cross and prayer


Custom designed black granite monument with family crest and bronze planter


Gray granite monument with sculpted roses and inset cross


Custom designed bronze sculpture placed on gray granite


Black Granite with beveled edges and custom carving


Black granite bench memorial with bronze sculpture and bronze flower pot


White marble column memorial


Pink granite monument with sculpted cross and flowers


Gray and red granite obelisk with Christian cross

Klimek Kroeger.JPG

Tribute Your Family With An Estate Memorial

Estate memorials are an excellent way to remember a family’s memory with granite monuments. Each family has lived a life that is full of unique memories, and what better way to commemorate those experiences than with an estate memorial constructed specifically to reflect your family’s memory. An estate memorial can be created for one person, or for the whole family, depending on your wishes. Estate memorials are beautiful structures, and can be used to remember the lives and legacy of a family or a very special loved one.

Let Us Help You with Your Estate memorial, Monument or Headstone

For more information on estate memorials, headstones, or monuments, contact Ohio Monuments. Our friendly and professional staff is ready to answer your questions about all of our memorials types.