Family Memorials


Create a Place Remembering for Generations

Family memorials are the most traditional style of memorials, and offer the opportunity for the name of two or more loved ones to be on the same memorial. Ohio Monuments recognizes that each family is different and unique, which is why each memorial is able to be personalized to your family’s very own “story in stone”.

Styles of family memorials can range anywhere from a simple, engraved wedding date or can have a personalized scene depicting the family’s favorite vacation destination. Whichever of these you would like to use for your family memorial, we will work with you to make it happen.

Custom Options for Your Granite Memorial:

We can help with an epitaph and design concepts for your monument:


Brown Mahogany Granite with hand carved rock texture and cross, Granite Vases


American Black Mist granite with custom flower carving


Rustic Brown Granite boulder shaped memorial with tree carving


Starlight black companion memorial with double heart engraving and etched portrait.


Black granite and gray granite with a stained glass sunset and a cross


Rose Red Granite with custom Cross carving


Rustic Brown Granite custom cross and rings


Gray Granite custom boulder shape headstone


Black granite Double heart shape with ceramic portrait photo and wedding rings


Jet Black Granite Companion Headstone Tear drop shape with couple etching and cut out candle shape


Light gray granite, rustic natural rock shape with etched pet portrait


Impala Black granite, Tear drop shape with Laser Etch Portrait


American Bouquet granite with 2 flower vase


Black granite with rustic rock work carved shafts of wheat and a bronze bird. Also a black flower vase


Dark gray granite headstone with floral and heart pattern


Bahama Blue granite, two toned couple headstone with cardinal engraving


Gray granite with a raised relief cross and a flower vase


Textured African Black Granite with Rock border


Barre gray granite family monument with shape carved rose design


Light Gray granite memorial with cross and rose designs


Rose Granite with custom cross and wheat carving


Black Mist granite with Harley Davidson Wings carving and Laser etched Harley Davidson Portrait


Midnight black couple tombstone with cross


Jet Black Granite monument with Custom hand carved cross cutout


Medium gray double heart shaped headstone


Black granite with a bronze statue and a color ceramic picture


Starlight black couple stone with custom etched design


Custom Gray Granite with rock border and Ivy carving


Imperial Black granite tombstone with custom Harley Davidson motorcycle etching


Custom Gray Granite, Color Ceramic Alabama emblem

Headstones are meant to serve as a permanent memorial of those we loved and cherished, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From lawn level markers and upright headstones to family mausoleums, you are able to find the right size to meet your personal needs. The granite we use for our headstones comes from all around the world.

Whether you choose gray granite from Vermont, black granite from Africa, blue granite from Norway, or red granite from Wisconsin, we use only the best quality materials from reputable quarries in preparing your loved one’s headstone. We believe the design of your loved one’s headstone should be personalized to reflect and commemorate their beliefs and achievements throughout the life they lived. Whether it be religious symbols, occupational emblems, a particular hobby or passion, or even just a nickname, these personal touches tell a story about who they were and always will be. You are not limited to selecting designs from a catalog. We are here to help you create not only a headstone, but a lasting tribute to those who we wish to remember.

Ohio Monuments Will Help You with Your Granite Memorial Choices

Ohio Monuments offers 100 years of combined experience to our surrounding communities. We have the knowledge and experience to help you preserve your family memories in stone. We know this process may be unfamiliar and challenging, and we want you to know that we are here to help you in any way that we can. You are welcome to visit our studio, or we can to your home if that is more convenient for you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning a memorial for loved ones in your family. Our knowledgeable staff is able to answer your questions and work with you to find the best way to record your family’s memories in a granite memorial.